Alpha Products:

E.I.P. China Convertible Bond Fund

The E.I.P. China Convertible Bond Fund SP implements a strategy to arbitrage onshore Convertible Bonds (CBs) in China. Convertible Bonds in China are listed and liquid, they have a unique set of investor friendly features, and heavily traded by retail investors leading to pricing anomalies. EIP has an RQFII license and can buy the CBs onshore, and hedge using offshore China A-shares from Stock Connect.

The E.I.P. China Convertible Bond Fund was established on 1st January 2019. The People’s Republic of China is opening its capital markets to international investors which has led to certain pricing anomalies. The Fund targets a low volatility and low risk profile by employing a market neutral approach. The Fund has a successful track record with a diverse set of international institutional and High Net Worth investors.

E.I.P. China Multi-Strategy Fund

The E.I.P. China Multi-Strategy Fund seeks to capture the relative mispricing of mainland securities driven by the opening of the China capital markets. The Fund targets consistent returns with minimal drawdowns by using a market neutral approach. The Fund has an RQFII license and utilizes a variety of equity and derivative strategies.

EIP's investment team have an investment bank proprietary trading background using technology and quantitative evaluation to assist investment decisions. EIP has been managing quantitative strategies since 2002 with minimum drawdowns and consistent returns. The firm has a culture of collaboration ensuring continued innovation.